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Wind Turbine Power Capacitors

The Viz Wind Turbine Power Capacitor is the only Indian product approved for the demanding wind turbine application.

The Viz Wind Turbine Power Capacitor is especially designed for use in the highly challenging wind turbine application to enable it to withstand the continuous switching operations in the high wind season caused by constant changes in wind speed.


  • Automatic PFC equipment, capacitor banks especially designed for wind turbine applications.


  • Long life
  • Compact design in cylindrical aluminium can with stud
  • Stacked type construction
  • MPP-technology with heavy edge ramp metallization
  • Voltage range 690 to 800 V Output range 10 to 25 Kvar
  • Low losses
  • High inrush current withstand capability(up to 200.IR)
  • No Maintenance


  • Self Healing Technology 
  • Pressure Sensitive Device
  • IP 20 Terminals
  • Comes with In built discharge resistors

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