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MPP Heavy Duty Capacitors

The Heavy Duty series is a very robust capacitor, covering the power range upto 50 kvar with just one capacitor in a cylindrical aluminium case.

The Heavy Duty capacitor is especially designed for use in most applications that require a reliable long Iasting, zero maintenance capacitor.


  • Automatic PFC equipment, capacitor banks
  • Individual fixed PFC (e.g. motors, transformers, lighting)
  • Group fixed PFC
  • Tuned and detuned capacitor banks
  • Filter applications
  • Dynamic PFC
  • Hybrid capacitor banks with active filters


  • Long life
  • Compact design in cylindrical aluminium can with stud
  • Stacked type construction
  • MPP-technology with heavy edge ramp metallization
  • Voltage range 400 to 525 V
  • Output range 50 kvar (50 Hz) / 60 kvar (60 Hz)
  •  Low losses
  • No Maintenance


  • Self Healing Technology
  • Pressure Sensitive Device
  • IP 20 Terminals
  • Comes with In built discharge resistors

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