Capacitor Duty Contactors for switching

During switching of a capacitor, transient currents to the order of 200 times the rated current can flow stressing the capacitor and the switching contacts immensely. This can lead to damage or welding of contacts of the contactors. The modern Power Factor Correction systems use new generation Viz Contactors designed to switch the capacitors first through contact block of three early make auxiliary contacts in series with current limiting resistors(also called pre charging resistor) to limit inrush current to the value within contactor rated capacity. Normal rated capacitor current is carried by main contacts which after closing after about 5 milliseconds, effectively bypass the damping resistor. The leading contacts then open up and no currents flows through them.


  • 7 KVAR to 100 KVAR
  • 230V to 690V
  • Frequency- 50/60 Hz
  • Contactors come with inbuilt NO+NC contacts


  • Save cost of expensive replacement
  • minimizes the effects of inrush current
  • Saves energy,reduced watt loss during ON conditions
  • Operator safety through IP 20 design
  • Higher safety in operations
  • Switching of capacitor bank in parallel without de-rating
  • Less maintenance and downtime
  • Higher electrical life