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Micro controller Automatic Power Factor Relay

VIZ Power Factor Controller senses the power factor of the load and automatically switches on the required amount of capacitors in order to maintain the power factor at the set value. VIZ offers a wide range of controllers from 4 steps to 16 steps. Measuring technologies include single CT as well as 3 CT sensing options. Our controllers are available with wide range of features and various degrees of intelligence and various data logging communication features. Our controllers come with advanced features such as data logging and auto synchronization particularly for distribution systems.


  • Steps — 4,6,8,12,14,16.
  • Sensing -1CT or 3 CT.
  • Measurement Current — x/5 or x/1A Selectable.
  • Switching – Contactor, Thysistor, Hybrid.
  • Communication — RS232, RS485.
  • Display Parameters — PF, V, I, KW, KVAR, KVR,
  • THD-1, THD-V.
  • Data logging and Auto Synchronization are available on request.