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Harmonic Filter Reactors

De-tuning reactors re used to tune the capacitor bank to desirable frequency in order to avoid the probability of Harmonic amplification and thereby protect the capacitors from adverse effects of harmonics. They also help in limiting switching inrush current.

Viz reactors are designed for low loss, 3 phase assembly complete with mounting brackets and connecting cables.

Viz offers wide range of reactors from 230V to 1000V systems for capacitors banks rated from 5 KVAR to 1000 KVAR with impedances of 5.67%, 6%, 7% and 14%(of capacitor bank).

Specifications of Detuned Reactor 
KVAR Rating 5 to 100KVAR
No of Phase 3Ph
Core used Iron Core
Conductor used Copper or Aluminium
Linearity up to 180%
Insulation Temperature ClassH
Ambient Temp. 50° C Max
Type of Termination Copper terminal
Insulation Level 3KV For 1 Minute
DC Insulation Resistance 200MΩ Measured with 500V DC Megger
Noise Level Noise Level
Type Air Natural
Detuning Factor 7% & 14%
Nominal Voltage400, 415 & 440V