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Standard Duty Capacitors

The Standard Duty series is one of the most popular capacitor sold across the world, covering the power range up to 50 kvar with just one capacitor in a cylindrical aluminium case.

The Standard Duty capacitor is especially designed for use in commercial and industrial applications. The capacitors are made in stack windings to allow for better heat dissipation.


  • Automatic PFC equipment, capacitor banks
  • Tuned and detuned capacitor banks
  • Individual fixed PFC (e.g. motors, Filter applications transformers, lighting)
  • Dynamic PFC
  • Group fixed PFC Hybrid capacitor banks with active


  • Compact design in cylindrical aluminium can with stud
  • Low weight
  • Stacked type construction
  • MPP-technology with heavy edge ramp metallization
  • Voltage range 230 to 480 V
  • Output range 1 to 50 kvar (50 Hz)
  • Starts from 1 kvar, to help achieve Power Factor close to unity
  • Low losses
  • Zero Maintenance


  • Self Healing Technology
  • Pressure Sensitive Device
  • IP 20 Terminals
  • Comes with In built discharge resistors

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