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Viz is a leading ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of power factor correction, motor run, motor start and power electronic capacitors. We are constantly working with our customers with the goal to offer them innovative engineering solutions, reliable service and high quality products. Viz is the only approved Indian manufacturer of 690 VAC and 800 VAC rated power factor correction capacitors for the extremely demanding wind turbine application. Viz is also an OEM, manufacturer as we brand label capacitors for several of our partners, including leading multinational companies in various countries – yet another testament to our outstanding quality.

Viz focuses on technologically driven applications, such as power quality, industrial, renewable energy, consumer electronics, automotive and power electronics.

Viz has 2 state-of-art manufacturing facilities, both located in Hyderabad, India, equipped. With the latest and best machines and testing equipment available internationally. Both the plants are managed and run by highly experienced, qualified and motivated teams. Through investment in Research and Development Viz continues to develop new products for its customers, which are type tested and validated at Viz’s fully equipped in house laboratory.

Viz uses the best available raw materials, which are validated through a detailed and painstaking process. 100% of Viz capacitors are checked several times during the manufacturing process to ensure all specifications met and our customers receive only top quality capacitors. Viz’s quality has also meant a wider global reach, to customers in Europe, Middle East, CIS and Southeast Asia.

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More About The Company


To be a global leader in the manufacture and innovation of high quality electronic components.


  • To be the global leader in manufacturing capacitors while providing unparalleled service in terms of quality, reliability and cost.
  • To integrate backwards, in order to reduce dependence on suppliers and deliver better quality to customers.
  • To continuously innovate and be the leaders in the industry.
  • To create an environment of excellence, development and most importantly fun in order to attract and retain the best talent.
  • To give to society and improve lives in and around VIZ.
  • To beat expectations of shareholders by consistently outdoing ourselves.
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VIZ has an exceptionally qualified, trained and experienced team of leaders and employees which makes the company stand apart from its competitors.

The company has an excellent mix of experience and youth, which are extremely necessary for growth in today’s fast paced, ever changing and enormously competitive environment.

The company has a policy of hiring only the best available talent, giving the company an edge over its competitors. We are an equal opportunity employer.

The company conducts several training programs every year to keep its employees and management abreast with the latest technologies and methodologies.

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